The Expiring Stories of Pure Legends...

Everyday a story dies! Untold!


The purpose of The Pure Legends Project is to capture a 60-90 minute documentary/film (currently in production) about American seniors.

Thousands of untold, soon to be forgotten undocumented community/social shaping inspiring stories, like Hal Jackson and many other senior citizens are providing the opportunity to discuss their lives and contributions to society.

Their powerful stories spanning the 70's 60's, 50's, 40's and 30's beautifully, haunting, challenging, passionate and poetic, expressing the hopes, fears and successes of a generation of forgotten Americans.


We are capturing and sharing the Expiring Stories of Pure Legends.


The Pure Legends Project will capture and promote the historic lives of the first generation of seniors who contributed and in some form shaped the way things effect our tradition.


Through interviewing and the use of rare (and largely unseen) historical film footage, photos and other archival material, the students will be challenged to produce entertaining material.


The producers of The Pure Legends Project will self-distribute all completed documenties to film festivals, independent television networks and public television stations.

Our Pure Legends Projects will also be considered for a 35mm theatrical motion picture release, with a portion of proceeds going to various 501-3c foundations and charities.


Additionally, the film will be made available to third parties interested in educational use.

Local Stars

The goal is to offer schools and students in the Arts department in many cities and districts opportunities to train with local networks stations and dedicated mentoring professionals as they oversee written scripts, the documentaries and the plays produced by the students.


The legendary stories will all be based on our Senior citizen's junior years.



The added bonus is the students will become more focused working and learning along side of professionals in the movie/media industry.


We work closely with the Board of Education and local schools to organize site tours to various studios.

News Studios

Movie Studios